Friday, January 22, 2010

Thinking of Taking a Break

I think I need a break, from everything. I don't know why this happens to me sometimes, but it does. I always come out a bit shinier on the other side.

There's one small difference this time though. Usually I withdraw completely into myself, but I'm not going to go it alone this time. I'm tired of not feeling close to anyone, alone, and less than adequate. I'm going to try surrendering myself to the people closest to me, whom I should trust without question, and who love me.

I'm tired of trying to be what other people want me to be. I don't need their negative energy bringing me down and causing me to question how I feel and who I am. I'm done with that. I'm just fine, thank you very much.

So if you don't see me around the usual haunts, don't be alarmed. I'm not far.

But if you do see me, I miss you, and I love you.


Small Town Hockey Mom said...

Be well, dear.

I am thinking of you! You know where to find me!

marie said...

You're not allowed to quit me, missy.

JanJ said...

This time of year I often "hibernate." You're pretty darned shiny already; can't even imagine a shinier you:)))

Luvs you doll. xoxo