Friday, April 27, 2007

Catching Up

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Been really busy, but I'll catch up now.

First off, I need to mention the trial. For anyone who doesn't know, there is currently a murder trial going on here in Fredericton for a man named Gregory Despres. The people he murdered were my great uncle Fred and his wife Verna. This trial has had a profound effect on myself and my family. This week was the first week the trial has been back in since February. The issue at hand right now is whether or not Despres is mentally fit to stand trial, which would allow the trial to continue. The judge is handing down her decision on his mental fitness today. I am going to today's hearing to hear what she says. I pray she finds him fit to stand trial so that we are able to continue and get one step closer to putting this trial behind us.

OK, now back to the regular stuff...

I made Mandy's Banana Choc Chip Muffins for the first time a couple of nights ago and they are awesome! Even Steve loved them - he commented last night, "they're almost gone! They were really good!". Pretty sure I'll be making those again really soon - thanks Mandy!

Went for a run last night, a longer route than usual - 5.4K. I'm trying to get myself ready for the Fredericton Marathon on May 13th. I'm registered to run the 5K - it's my first race and I'm scared to death, but I'm looking forward to it too. I'm trying to build myself up to running 10K before the summer's over so I can register for another race then. When I got back from my run I was absolutely beat, but found the energy to do my Pilates video too - I regretted that later though - I was sooooo sore!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Almost Half Way Through the Work Week

Friday can't come fast enough! Work just seems to be piling up this week, *sigh*. At least the time is passing quickly.

I've been trying to increase my weekly mileage lately with my running, to get ready for my first race on May 13th. I plan on running the 5K distance, since it's my first race and I want to feel fairly confident that I'll have a decent result. I've run 5K on each of the past two evenings, and my legs definitely feel it today. This is the first time I've been sore after a run in quite a while, and it feels great. Of course the soreness may also be due to running on a treadmill for the first time in a while. Either way, I'm taking tonight off of running, to allow my body to recover, but I'll try another 5K tomorrow night, probably on the treadmill again - the weather's still pretty wet and lousy here. I might do some pilates tonight, just to switch things up a bit.

Today's Eating Plan: (24 pts)

Breakfast -> Dempster's WW Bagel w PB, Coffee (7pts)
Lunch -> Roast Beef Sandwich on Rye w Mustard, Yogurt (4pts)
Dinner -> Highliner Fish Filet, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Veggies w Olive Oil (9pts)
Snack -> 1/2 Cup Ice Cream, 1/4 C Kashi Cereal (4pts)

Today's Exercise Plan:

Pilates -> 1/2 Hour

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Dreary Day

Well today's weather isn't much nicer than yesterday's. It is really windy and rainy, the sidewalks are covered in two inches of slush and water. It's one of those days when you're just wet and cold the entire day. I feel pretty bad that Stephen had to go work outdoors all day in this - I don't think he was looking forward to it this morning. The worst part is that it's supposed to be like this until at least Thursday.

Had a great run last night on the treadmill. It's been a while since I've had to run indoors, but it was actually kind of nice for a change. I didn't use my MP3 player, but watched the news the entire time instead. They were only covering the school shooting at Virginia Tech that occurred yesterday morning - what a sad story. I feel so terrible for all of the families, including the family of the shooter - they'll more than likely live with guilt for the rest of their lives. What a terrible tragedy.

Again, probably won't do much tonight, mostly because of the weather. Once I get home I just want to stay tucked in, nice and warm. I think I'm going to give the treadmill a go again after work - I really want to work on improving my time. I want to register for the Fredericton Marathon on May 13th, so I'd like to get my time under 30 minutes before then - just a personal goal. I'm sure I can do it. I'm going to try to get my average speed up to at least 5.5 tonight - it was around 5.4 last night.

Today's Eating Plan: (27 pts)

Breakfast -> Tim Hortons WW Bagel w PB, Coffee (7pts)
Lunch -> Huge Salad with Salad Spritzer, 1/2 Serving Better Butter Chicken, Yogurt (4pts)
Snack -> Crispy Delights (2pts)
Dinner -> Lean Burger w Bun, Spinach, Onions, Low-Fat Fries, Mayo, Chili Sauce (10 pts)
Snack -> 1/2 C Smart Scoop Ice Cream, Sprinkle Kashi GoLean Crunch, Orange (4pts)

Today's Exercise Plan: (-4pts)

Running -> 32 Mins of High Intensity Treadmill Running, 4.9Km in 32:00

Monday, April 16, 2007

First Post

My first post...

Woke up this morning to more flurries and a grey sky threatening rain later in the day. I decided I'd leave my running gear home and skip my lunch-time run today. Maybe I'll go after work, while supper's in the oven.

Andrew came by last night for dinner with Stephen and I. I made No Weigh José Mexican Lasagna from ESBM, a spinach salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and individual apple crisps for dessert. We also had some sour cream, black bean dip, and Steve's homemade guacamole to complete the meal - yummy! The lasagna was a hit, so I'll definitely be making that again. Brought some for lunch today too.

Andrew brought over a couple of DVDs for us to check out too - The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?. I've heard lots about The Secret, and from what I can tell, it sounds really corny, but I told him I'd watch it anyway. I'll post my thoughts about it after we watch it.

Not much on the go tonight. We'll probably just have dinner, maybe go out and get a coffee or something, then watch some TV. I can't wait until the weather is nicer and we can start going outside a little more often.

Today's Eating Plan: (28 pts)

Breakfast -> Plain Bagel w PB, Coffee (7pts)
Lunch -> No Weigh José Mexican Lasagna, Granola Bar, Coffee (9pts)
Dinner -> Alaskan Pollock, Darth Taters, Mixed Veggies (7pts)
Snack -> 1/2 C Smart Scoop Ice Cream, 1/2 C Kashi Go Lean Crunch (5pts)

Today's Exercise Plan: (-4 pts)

Running -> 35 Minutes at High Intensity Treadmill Running, 5K in 33:46