Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yup, I'm Still OK

I'm still OK. No change since yesterday.

But wow, am I afraid.

Did I mention I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday? Off to Ottawa I go for one of the biggest annual running weekends in Canada. Actually, probably THE biggest. What was I thinking?!?

I waver between, "I can do this", to "I wish I'd never signed up for this".

Don't get me wrong. I KNOW I can do this. I trained for it. My legs aren't going to just seize up or anything. It's my head that's the problem. The time I've spent practicing perfectionism is much more than the time I've spent training for this race.

How can I etch into my brain the idea that I don't need to have any expectations? What is wrong with just going out and running for a couple and a half hours? I'm running farther than most people ever will. I already do, on a regular basis.

Not bad for someone who never thought she'd ever want to run further than to the end of the driveway.

And did you know that only 1% of the population ever run a half-marathon or a marathon? That's not many people. That makes this a pretty significant accomplishment. It also makes me a half-wit.

I am trying to heed the advice given in the post above, and be happy with the feat that I am accomplishing and I'll try to remember that no one is concerned with the time it took me to run it.

So take it easy, Tara. Somehow this will work out. You'll get your bib and chip, you'll remember to pack everything you need, you'll make your way to that race, and you'll finish it. And there will be smiling faces waiting for you at the end.

You're good.

AND a huge shout out to people who are even crazier than I am - Niffer and Mousearoo! Marathons?!? Y'all have lost your minds! ;-) See you at the finish line! Medals and bagels for all!


PunkRockMom said...

Just out runnin' fer a cupla hours is all;)

See you at the finish line...I'll bring candy and tears of pride & joy!!!

Anonymous said...

I ran my 1st 1/2 last year and it was such a great experience!

I will be in Ottawa this weekend too running the 10k after having to take the last 3 weeks off due to a chest infection. Should be fun!

Will keep an eye out for you and Mousearoo!


Anonymous said...

You have this!!!

Leanne said...

I am so proud of you...

Imagine me hugging you all the way through.


sunshine! said...

Hope you ALL had an awesome run and an awesome weekend!

chachaberry said...

good luck!!!!!!