Friday, July 6, 2007

My 2-Day Eating Frenzy Has Come to an End

As I metioned on the WW boards the other day, I decided I'd take a couple of days off of counting points and just enjoy myself while I was on a brief camping trip, away with DBF. I figure I can do this since I'm quite a few pounds under my goal now, was on vacation, and both DBF and I love it when I take a couple of days off and just eat what I want.

I had someone show concern on the boards as to why DBF likes it when I decide to go off plan. I'm going to respond here (and I posted a response on the WW boards). He just likes it because I allow myself to let loose a little. I'm usually pretty strict with my diet and he respects that (in fact, he eats all the healthy stuff and checks NI on everything with me - he's extremely supportive). We both think it's very important that we eat healthily, so we both do at home. But we also think it's fun when I take a couple of days off from counting everything, so that we can enjoy eating a few of our favourite "unhealthy" foods together without me worrying about how much of it I'm eating. We enjoy being able to indulge a little together, share what we've ordered at a restaurant, etc. We think it's fun to share treats together, even though he could easily eat this food anytime on his own, since he doesn't have to worry about his weight (yet! LOL).

My DBF is extremely supportive of my weight loss efforts, and I appreciate him so much for that. I know I'm lucky because I'm not one of those people who don't get the support from their significant others that they need and deserve. I don't have to worry about cooking more than one meal at home to satisfy both of us. He's happy to eat what I prepare, and we both choose healthy options for our meals at home.

Today, I'm back on plan and counting again. Today isn't nearly as much fun as yesterday was! I'm just going to put the couple of days behind me and start the week from now. If I gain a pound or two, I'm fine with that, and it was totally worth it!

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