Sunday, July 8, 2007

What a Great Run This Morning!

I got up early this morning and watched a re-run of X-Weighted. The person on the show was a woman who refused to follow the eating plan accordingly (she was all about low-carb dieting at 800 cals/day!), but did discover that she liked running, which eventually led her to lose the weight she wanted. At the end of the show she ran a 10K.

After the show, I headed out for my regular Sunday run, my long run for the week. I was aiming for between 7-8K today. I also decided that I would not pay as close attention to my heart rate, so I turned off the heart rate alarms I had set in my Garmin, and off I went.

I felt fantastic! About 1/3 of the way through the run I decided I'd add a bit more distance to my regular route. I figured worst case scenario, I just finish with walking. So I stopped to chat to a couple of bikers on the trail I was on to ask about the best loop I could do to add a little bit of distance. Friendly they were, helpful not-so-much. So I figured out my own way to add a kilometre or two.

I ended up running 10K! Me - 10K! Random! It was awesome! I felt great, wasn't too tired, wasn't struggling to breathe, nothing. It was great, and I was so proud. I have been so down on running since my co-worker told me my heart rate was running too high, blah, blah, blah. And today was the first day I stopped paying such close attention to it - and I had the best run I've had in about a month and a half! I'm just going to keep things the way they are, add distance when I'm comfortable, and carry on. Woohoo!

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