Friday, April 27, 2007

Catching Up

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Been really busy, but I'll catch up now.

First off, I need to mention the trial. For anyone who doesn't know, there is currently a murder trial going on here in Fredericton for a man named Gregory Despres. The people he murdered were my great uncle Fred and his wife Verna. This trial has had a profound effect on myself and my family. This week was the first week the trial has been back in since February. The issue at hand right now is whether or not Despres is mentally fit to stand trial, which would allow the trial to continue. The judge is handing down her decision on his mental fitness today. I am going to today's hearing to hear what she says. I pray she finds him fit to stand trial so that we are able to continue and get one step closer to putting this trial behind us.

OK, now back to the regular stuff...

I made Mandy's Banana Choc Chip Muffins for the first time a couple of nights ago and they are awesome! Even Steve loved them - he commented last night, "they're almost gone! They were really good!". Pretty sure I'll be making those again really soon - thanks Mandy!

Went for a run last night, a longer route than usual - 5.4K. I'm trying to get myself ready for the Fredericton Marathon on May 13th. I'm registered to run the 5K - it's my first race and I'm scared to death, but I'm looking forward to it too. I'm trying to build myself up to running 10K before the summer's over so I can register for another race then. When I got back from my run I was absolutely beat, but found the energy to do my Pilates video too - I regretted that later though - I was sooooo sore!

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Anne said...

Congrats! Your pictures look awesome. I'm eating one of those muffins right now!