Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

It's been a few days since I've blogged last, mostly due to the crazy weekend I just had. And what a great one...

DBF's mom and her BF came to stay with us this weekend. They came because they wanted to go fishing at a great spot near where we live. They live a couple of hours away, so were going to make a weekend of it.

They arrived Friday evening. I made us dinner - the Better Butter Chicken recipe from ESBM - they loved it! (One point for me!) I also made a sugar-free sex in the pan dessert. Yummy! After dinner they informed DBF and I that we would should be at the fishing spot by 6am! 6AM! Gaah! So we sat around and played some Wii and some other board games until about 1am, when they were finally ready to hit the hay. Oy! I made sure the coffee pot was pre-programmed and ready for 5am, then went to bed.

So I was up and at it by 5.30am, which I thought was pretty good. DBF was already up with his mom and Charlie making breakfast for everyone by the time I drug my butt out to the kitchen. We didn't exactly make it to the fishing spot by 6am, but we were there by about 6.30am, which I thought was pretty good, considering.

Then the fishing! What a great time! I caught a couple of really large fishes! I wouldn't touch any worms or the fishes, but I learned to cast and reel in like a mad woman! Loved it! DBF caught the fish of the day, a 17-inch trout! It was the only fish we kept and brought home. It fed all four of us for dinner that night. We even went back and fished some more after dinner - totally fun!

Needless to say though, we were exhausted on Saturday night, and went to bed fairly early. Sunday for me was pretty slow and relaxed. Great weekend though!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Can I get that sugar free sex in a pan recipe! I would love it!

Unknown said...

No problem - sorry I'm so long getting back to you on this, haven't blogged in a while! Gotta get caught up. I will post the recipe tonight when I get home, since I don't have it with me right now.