Monday, June 4, 2007

Serious Raccoon Burn and McDonald's Gripe

I have no idea how anyone can take me seriously today - I can't even stop laughing at myself! I have a seriously ridiculous raccoon burn - it is too funny! I was out in the sun yesterday for like 4 hours with my new sunglasses on. They cover my face down to the middle of my cheeks. I was sooo not thinking of how much sun I was getting because it was so cool here yesterday. But geez, do I ever look like a fool today - too funny!

My Wendie experiment seems to be going well. I totally took advantage of my super high day and ate some McDonald's on Saturday while watching the hockey game. Last night I ended up going over by a couple of points though - I tried all day to get myself a McDonald's vanilla cone, which is only 3 pts. I went to 3 different McDonald's yesterday and every single one was out of ice milk! Grr... Since I really wanted the ice milk, I went to DQ and had a Dilly Bar. I thought they were 3 pts too, but realized when I got home that they're actually 5 pts. Oh well... no big deal. But I sure was mad at McDonald's! LOL

Didn't get out for a run yesterday, but I did play my first beach volleyball game of the season. My feet are killing me today though, from running around in the sand. Ouch! It's raining here today, but I still think I'm going to try to get out for a short run later. Monday is normally a day off running, but my running schedule has been put off a bit, so I'm gonna try to catch up.

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Jen said...

Grrr....I hate when you REALLY want something and you can't get it!!!

I went to Mcdonald's specifically to try the "swamp sludge" mcflurry (was going to share with DH) and they didn't have it!!!!!!

then I ended up (same as you!) at Dairy queen with a dipped cone that I thought was 6 but was actually 8!!