Friday, June 1, 2007

Update - Day 3 on Wendie

Today is Day 3 of my Wendie experiment, and so far so good. I get 20 points today, one of my lower-point days. But I find that if I plan in advance, it's no problem to get lots of food for 19 or 20 points - I just have to be prepared. So last night I went the Superstore and got myself some strawberries and a really nice mediterranean salad for lunch. I'll put some light feta cheese and eat my salad spritzer on it and presto! - a nice big salad for just 1.5 pts. That leaves room for some salmon and some all-bran bites. An entire lunch (huge!) for 4.5 pts. Sweet deal!

I have a run scheduled for today, a nice, easy 4K run, which I plan on doing sometime this evening. I'm now really looking forward to my runs, now that I have this heart rate thing under control. I had no idea that I had been running too fast before. Now that I have my new heart rate monitor, running has really changed for me - it's an even more enjoyable experience than it was before.

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