Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekend Exercise

OK, I'll fully admit that I've been sitting on my expanding bottom for quite a while now, well, since we got the puppy. I have been running maybe twice since we've gotten him - they're just such a handful in the beginning.

Now that he's starting to get a little older and wiser, I've decided to turn him into my newest piece of cardio equipment - the Gottagowalkthepup*.

*Patent Pending

The Gottagowalkthepup* is an evolutionary new workout! Works like a charm! An hour hike through your favourite city park (Odell in my case) and your workout is complete! Also involves short stops for scooping poop, and sniffing stuff. Wear your heaviest boots (seriously, could Sorels be any heavier?) for trekking the terrain to add another fat-burning element to this already difficult cardio session. Other optional attachments include leash, ski poles, water bottle, camouflage puppy hoodie, and a pocket full of kibble.

Be careful not to overuse the Gottagowalkthepup* as the motor will need a recovery period after each use (see Figure 1-1):

Figure 1-1: Gottawalkthepup's* motor after an hour's use

Remember, if you take care of your Gottagowalkthepup*, it will serve you well for years to come!


TinyTrim said...

Haha, what a cute and funny post! Your little angel is just too cute. Have fun working out with him!

Shrunk said...