Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Buyers Mistakes, Part 1

CI - PSL = 0
where CI = Calories In, and PSL = Perceived Stress Level (in calories)

Based on the formula above, I can eat whatever I want. In fact, I'll probably need to eat more. Bring it I say, BRING IT...

Holy banana! Actually, more like holy cheeseburger! Can things get much more stressful?!?

As I'm sure some of you know, I'm buying my first home. In fact, I've bought my first home, and my closing date is Wednesday - yes, THIS Wednesday, probably around noon. That's 42:52:00 away. And for the past 7 weeks or so, since I've known that I'm buying this home, I've been skipping my little self along, thinking everything is just freakin' peachy, congratulating myself for being so organized and ready, which is completely out of character for procrastinator-T.

Mistake #1 - When buying a home, never think everything is just freakin' peachy. Never.

I'm skipping along to my lawyer's office this afternoon to sign off on the final papers. (I'm not really skipping, but picture it that way - it's nicer, and I am wearing pink, and it's sunny, so just picture it as if it's a Sound of Music kind of day). He sits me down and gives me said papers. He then proceeds to tell me that there are still some things that he needs from me. These things that he needs, if not obtained by like tomorrow(!), have the potential to hold up my closing date by a couple of days.

This is brought to my attention 2 days (!) before we have a moving truck booked. Awesome.

So now I scramble around, doing outlandish things, all the while in a serious panic at this point. Things are not peachy. They had better be back to peachy by tomorrow, or someone is getting a good swift kick in the shin.

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Jen said...

Oh hun...I COMPLETELY hear you...

that was one of the worst weeks of my life...I was bitch supreme...AND I tried not to put food in my mouth and that just made it worse!!!

I hope everything pulls through! If not they can get you in as a "tenant at will" you have to pay a little bit extra (some amount of taxes per day, like $150 or something - it's all related to your mortgage amount)...those lawyers can be scary!