Friday, August 10, 2007

OK, so life has been a bit nuts...

Finally some time to blog...

Life has been nuts lately, seriously. But now I think I'm back. We finally have everything sorted out with the house, and we're almost ready for the move. We're pretty much living out of boxes at this point, which has been frustrating by times, but what hasn't been boxed up yet will be this weekend! We officially get the house on Wednesday, and neither of us can wait!

As far as WW is concerned, things are going well. Since my little breakdown about a month ago, after having been at a 19-point level for quite some time, I decided to switch to maintenance for a while to give myself a break. I'm happy to report that maintenance is going really well now and I may have actually even managed to lose a little since adding the extra 4 points a day!

Running has fallen by the wayside, but only a little bit. It's been very hot here, at least it was last week, so I only made it out a couple of times during the entire course of the week. This week I've only made it out once, but I plan on going again later today. I keep promising myself that I'll get back on track once the move is over with and we're more settled and less busy.

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