Thursday, August 23, 2007


Every inch of me hurts, every single freakin' inch!

If people don't think that gardening and yard work count for earning APs, they're crazy!

Since buying the house, we've been working like mad to get things cleaned up and the way we'd like them. It's a never ending process, we know, but it's fun right now and we're really enjoying it. I took it upon myself to clean up our front walk way, which is a stone walk way of those interlocking bricks you find at home improvement stores, etc. The previous owners of our house had really not taken care of the yard much (not to mention the rest of our house!), and I love working away at stuff like this, since I'm such a perfectionist.

I started cleaning it up a couple of evenings ago, worked for a couple of hours and was exhausted. Went back at it again yesterday and fell asleep on the couch last night as a result. I never fall asleep on the couch! This morning I woke up sore all over. Even the little meaty parts of my hands below my thumbs hurt!

I'm almost done now though, and I should say, that walkway looks fabulous now! And what a great workout!

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