Friday, August 24, 2007


I really wish someone had warned me that I would freeze my ass off once I lost my fatty insulation. Damn it's cold!

I've been freezing for about a year now, but I should definitely NOT be this cold in August. It's not right, it just isn't. Since moving to the house, it's much worse. I had forgotten the differences between living in an apartment and living in a house outside the city.

I've decided that I'm going to start posting some of my daily menus again. I've found that I've gotten a bit off track with my blogging and that the focus of my blog has drifted quite a bit lately. So here goes today's menu (which is not a good example of an OP day - I went out for lunch). Please note that instead of eating the 23 that I'm allotted while on maintenance, I've decided to eat 21 points a day because I've gained a couple of pounds and wouldn't mind getting rid of them again, slowly.

Today's Eating Plan: (21 daily + 8.5 flex)

B (4.5 pts) -> Choc Chip Banana Bran Muffin (1), 2 Bodywise w PB (3), Coffee (0.5)

L (9.5 pts) -> Salad Greens (0), Monterey Jack Cheese (2), Chicken Breast (1.5), Avocado Dressing (2), Tortilla Chips (3), Salsa (0), Choc Chip Banana Bran Muffin (1), Diet Coke (0)

D (12 pts) -> Lean Beef Burger (4), Whole Wheat Bun (3), LF Fries (3.5), LF Mayo (0.5), Ketchup (0), BBQ Sauce (0.5), 1 Laughing Cow Cheese Portion (0.5), 1T Thousand Island Dressing (0)

Snack (3.5 pts) -> Smart Pop Popcorn (1), Popcorn Seasoning (0.5), Becel Spray (0), Diet Root Beer (0), 1/2C Frozen Yogurt (2)

Weekly Status: 25.5 Flex Remaining...

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TinyTrim said...

I hear ya on the insulation! I've been cold most of the summer. The sucky weather doesn't help, but still! It's rather unnatural to have one's space heater on in August!