Thursday, February 17, 2011

This has gone on long enough

I am tired of the struggle, and making excuses. I'm tired of not wanting to put on my clothes in the morning, or adjusting them so they're comfortable all day. I'm tired of wavering between weight loss programs, so that I'm never sticking with one the way I should, so that none of them are working.

I'm dedicating myself right now to doing the following for at least the next 7 days:
- I'm going to post a daily menu for all to read.
- I'm going to re-live my food experiment of a couple of years ago, comparing WW PointsPlus point values to Sparkpeople nutritional values, to WW Momentum points values.

I'm going to see what's not working and why.

I need to get rid of my newest 20-pound monkey.


PunkRockMom said...

You can do it hun, you are awesome:)

Small Town Hockey Mom said...

Cheers to monkeys being off our backs and elephants out of our rooms.

You can do it, T!