Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tonight's Meeting Topic: Get Fit for Free

What do you all think? If you had loads of money to hire a personal trainer, sign up for any fitness initiatives you wanted, would you be more fit?


Ashley Gibson said...

I don't think it's the money... I think people need to figure out what works best for them!

If you know that you need to be motivated by another person, but can't afford a trainer, grab a dvd with a butt-kickin trainer OR find a buddy who will work out with you and motivate one another.

If you prefer to be independant, schedule workouts for yourself. Write them into your daytimer and don't mis your date with yourself!

If you like to work out in a group setting, sign up for a class at the local gym, dance/yoga/pilates studio, or rec center.

And working out doesn't need to be pricey. It's currently yard sale season which means you can capitalize on other people's used fitness equipment - weights, skipping ropes or maybe even a tredmill - who knows! There are also tonnes of workouts available online (many for free)

Jenny said...

I think it would make thing a lot easier. Money is always tough to spend on excercise when you are trying to budget.

OldGoogleAccount said...

I do not have a trainer or a gym membership and I don't go to classes for this very reason. If I had infinite money to spend on that stuff, you bet I'd do more. So my answer is yes.

Small Town Hockey Mom said...

I totally would be more fit if I had more time and money.

When you work nine hours a day and have two small ones at home that want your attention - not to mention a day care bill... it is hard to fit it in.

This week though I am going to do it.

Minimum three times a week.