Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 1 of My Free 2-Week Trial of WW Online - Love it!

I've always been a meetings member of WW, ever since I joined in October of 2005. I have only used the WW site for the use of the message boards, looking at daily featured recipes, etc. - all free services of the site.

Last weekend when I went to my weigh in, there were cards available to meetings members to try a free 2-week trial of WW online. I was pumped and grabbed one up so that I could try it out. I signed up for the trial this morning...

I love WW online! So many very cool and useful tools, and I love the recipes! There are so many of them! And I also love how I have to be completely accountable for everything I eat - even those little bits of food that I probably would have neglected to count before (oh for shame!).

Before I reached my lifetime status, I said that I would probably join WW online when I made it to goal because I wouldn't have to spend as much to weigh in at meetings anymore, but I always just made excuses not go sign up online. Now that I've tried this trial period, I don't know what I'll do without it! I'm really glad that I was a meetings member - it allowed me to get my head around how the program works with the help of my other meetings members, but this WW online site rocks!

I have been a lifetime member for almost a year now, but have wanted to lose a few more pounds. I am now so motivated to get back on the losing wagon because of this site!

I'm going to make the most of it while I'm an online member - I'll be posting lots of my recipes and more pictures when I can (I'll also post them here, or on an attached blog) to share with everyone.

That WW marketing board sure is clever! They'll end up getting another regular payment from me again!

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