Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First 5K Race Countdown: 5 Days Left!

One day closer to race day! Gaah!

It's a beautiful day here today - I actually got to wear a skirt and cute little strappy sandals to work! Since losing my weight, I LOVE wearing dresses and skirts. They are just so comfy and so girly! It just makes me feel confident to wear them.

I have a run scheduled for tonight - 34 minutes of walking 1 min, running 10 (x3), plus one last minute of walking at the end. I'm hoping to get it in, but I'm not so sure that I will (I also just don't really feel like it today). If I do it as soon as I get home from work, that might work out. Or maybe I'll talk Stephen into going with me, although I don't think he'll want to. He just wants to go out for a drive tonight I think and probably just get a coffee - that sounds pretty good to me...

Today's Eating Plan:

Breakfast (5 pts) -> WW Bagel (2), 1.25 Tbsp Light Peanut Butter (2.5), Coffee with Milk (0.5)

Lunch (3 pts) -> Giant Salad (0), Salad Spritzer (0), 3 Wasa Light Rye Crispbreads (1), 1 Tbsp Dijonnaise (0), 2 Slices Chicken Luncheon Meat (1), FF/SF Yogurt (1)

Dinner -> ?

Snack (1 pt) -> Caramel Corn Rice Cake (1)

Today's Exercise Plan:

Running -> 34 mins

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