Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finding It Hard Lately...

I've been following the WW program for a long time, and this is probably one of the hardest times I've ever experienced on it. Now I know that most people probably don't think I need to lose much more weight because I've already reached lifetime status, but please keep in mind that I chose the top of my weight range as my goal weight, to make things easier. I still would though like to lose a few more pounds. I just really want to see if I can make it to 126. That's 10 lbs, and is still well within my healthy weight range.

My problem now is that I only get 19 points a day, plus my weekly flex. I'm eating all of my daily points, my APs, and almost all of my flex. I'm just not really losing like I used to, but to make things worse - I'm hungry a lot!

I've been eating lots of good, low-point protein like cottage cheese, and chicken, lots of veggies, etc. I drink tons of water, and I'm running regularly.

So, I think it's time for a little switch up. Tomorrow I'm going to start the Wendie plan. I've never tried it before, but I've heard wonderful things about it, and I'm excited about the concept of having a super high day (mine will be Saturday!). I will have no problems staying within my points limit for the low days (I'll be eating my APs too, thank goodness) and the point allocation for the rest of the days seems completely do-able too. I'm pumped about it - I really hope this will give me the jump start I need.

Here's how my points will be broken down for the week with Wendie:

Wednesday -> 19 points (+ eat all APs earned - should be 4 for running)
Thursday -> 24 points (+ half of any APs earned)
Friday -> 20 points (+ half of any APs earned - should be 4 for running)
Saturday -> 34 points (Super High Day - eat no APs - perfect since this is my day off running)
Sunday -> 19 points (+ eat all APs earned - should be 5 for running)
Monday -> 23 points (+ half of any APs earned)
Tuesday -> 21 points (+ half of any APs earned - should be 4 for running)

I'll keep everyone posted!

Today's Eating Plan:

Breakfast (3.5 pts) -> Banana Bran Choc Chip Muffin (1), FF/SF Yogurt w 1/8C Fibre Cereal (1), All-Bran Bites (1), Coffee\Milk (0.5), Asian Pear (0)

Lunch (2.5 pts) -> 1/2C Cottage Cheese (1.5), 3 Wasa Light Rye Crisps (1), 1/3 T Dijonnaise (0), Diet Pepsi (0)

Dinner (10 pts) -> Lean Burger (4), Smart Hamburger Bun (2), 1T Thousand Island Dressing (0), LF French Fries (3), Chili Sauce (0), 1/2T Light Mayo (0.5), 1/2T BBQ Sauce (0.5)


marie said...

FYI - i continued to lose on maintenance.

do you do any weight training too or just running?

Unknown said...

I used to do a lot of weight training, right up until about 3 months ago, then I let that go (I know I shouldn't have!) and really started focusing on my running. I still do the occasional pilates session, and I'm playing volleyball, but no specific weight training at the moment. I do plan on incorporating it back in to my routine eventually.